Sunday, August 28, 2011

My TEDxHumber talk

Back in June, I gave a talk at the TEDxHumber event. I've been waiting for an edited video, but in the meantime, I recently found that the "live stream" of the event is still available. The video is very jumpy but it's better than nothing. My talk starts about five and a half minutes into this clip.

I posted the text of the talk earlier.


Q Higuchi said...

Nice one! Somehow I liked your little references/allusions, O my Best Beloved. In a way, corpus linguistics can be the ultimate Just So story - which I believe is a good thing.

Brett said...


Anonymous said...

I liked the talk, I am a translator and I have used COCA for some time now for very limited purposes but I forgot how insightful some of the searches can be. Thanks!