Saturday, October 03, 2009

Scenic Learning

A recent NewScientist article mentions some research led by Katrin Hille at the Transfer Centre for Neurobiology and Learning.

"Her team recently tested a novel approach to foreign language classes that originated in a school. Teachers at Gymnasium Kirchheim in Kirchheim by Munich, Germany, had found apparent success with a technique called 'scenic learning', which involves choral recitals of vocabulary accompanied by gestures and movements matched to meaning.
In a study of 137 students, Hille found those who had used scenic learning remembered three times as many new words 14 weeks later as those who had been taught using conventional methods, and spoke with better pronunciation and fluency. 'I have never seen such strong effects in a previous study,' says Hille."

The last sentence is pretty startling, but that's the whole thing, and I've been unable to find any mention of it anywhere else. Perhaps it was simply a conference paper that has yet to be published. Anyhow, I've sent off an e-mail, and if I learn anything more, I'll follow up here.

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Olga said...

I'm very curious what you hear about this...