Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Of of of

In response to:

Pullum, G. K. (2018). Intuition and decidability in grammar and number theory. In K + K = 120: Papers dedicated to László Kálmán and András Kornai on the occasion of their 60th birthdays (pp. 1–10).

"Given a CFG for English, therefore, we could use a fully general algorithm to find out (in
cubic time) whether, for example, there is a grammatical string with ofofof as a substring. (I think there probably is, but I leave the exercise of constructing one for the reader to pursue in idle moments.)"

I have constructed a sentence with three consecutive instances of of.

  • We informed the people you were thinking of of, of course, not only your specific intentions, but also, your general vision.

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strangeguitars said...

Could you please post the specific quote you are responding to?