Friday, November 13, 2009

Award-winning students

Most of the students who pass though our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program end up doing very well in the college. This was highlighted in October when the awards and scholarships were handed out for the school of liberal arts and sciences. Here at Humber, LAS services students in every program and includes some of the most language-dependent courses. Despite this, former EAP students took home many awards:

  1. Joanne Anderton-Racic, Board of Governors' Scholarship: to a student in any program who has demonstrated high achievement.
  2. Misuk Yu, Derek Massey Award: To a graduate of the Personal Support Worker program who has shown significant improvement in language skills, attempted to apply those skills in his/her program courses, and worked with visible effort towards succeeding in his/her chosen field.
  3. Elzbieta Pojedyniec, Diotima Award for outstanding student in the philosophy of love and sex: Presented to a student in The Philosophy of Love and Sex Course who has produced outstanding academic work.
  4. Yuriko Takei, English as a Second Language Business Writing Award.
  5. Carmen Espino, EAP award.
  6. Yuriko Takei, General Education Department Award: Presented to students in a General Education course who have received a minimum final mark of 80% or more.
  7. Viviana Ocampos, Humber College Faculty Union Memorial Scholarship: Awarded to continuing students who have demonstrated sound academic achievement, goodwill toward fellow students, and an interest in cultural, humanistic, or social endeavours.
  8. Lawrence Tsz Him Ling, Humber Faculty Union Past President Award: Awarded to two continuing students who have shown commitment to working collectively with fellow students.

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