Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Just in case you needed to know, the good folks at ETS have found another way to market their juggernaut Test of English as a Foreign Language: their very own YouTube chanel. Teachers and students share their TOEFL tips in some of the most compelling TV you've seen. Actually, it's probably no worse than most of what's on YouTube.

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Anonymous said...

Hi I do hope someone can help me quickly. I registered for a Toefl test around last week of March which I realised was not the actual test that I wished to sit for. I realised this that very same day that I hd registered in the morning and tried to contact Toefl that very day too regarding cancellation and a refund. My test date was given as May 16. Has anyone tried cancelling your Toefl test? I wished actually to take a test to qualify me to teach English. BUT what I registered for was a test for enrolment in university. I don't need that - as at 58 years of age armed with an MBA it is already tough getting jobs in today's roller coaster markets. I only want the Toefl qualifications to teach English as there are opportuities available and age will not be a discriminatory factor.

BUT I am having a nightmare trying to get my cancellation through, up to now and after several emails I am unable to get a satisfactory response or support from Tiefl or ETS on my query. Not wishing to give up I went through the maze of information and finally found a form for registering my cancellation - BUT I have to fax it - and can't find the fax number either. Its all been so elusive. And I am totally disappointed that I am not making any headway in this quest to cancel my Toefl registration - there is the threat of having to register 3 days before and my deadline is almost there. Does anyone please know how cancellation can be done online? And please let me know how to do it. Its a modern world today and these things should be simple and user friendly. I need quick assistance and I pray someone out there can help. Pse let me know at my email: vjkumar410@yahoo.com

Thank you and best wishes.
Vijay (S'pore)