Wednesday, April 09, 2008

This year's LLL finalists

"Every year, the Extensive Reading Foundation recognizes the best new works of language learner literature in English. From books published in 2007, the ERF judges have selected twelve titles of particular merit—the finalists. The finalists were announced at the IATEFL Conference in Exeter, U.K. on April 8, 2008. From these twelve, the ERF will select one winner in each of four categories taking into account the votes and comments of students and teachers of English worldwide." More here.

The 2008 finalist books are:

Young Learners:
  • Dorothy by Paola Traverso, Earlyreads Level 1 (Black Cat);
  • Escape from the Fire by Richard Brown, Macmillan English Explorers 3 (Macmillan);
  • The Princess and the Pea retold by Sue Arengo, Classic Tales Beginner 1 (Oxford University Press)

Adolescents & Adults Beginners:
  • Grizzly by Sue Murray, Hueber Lektüren Level 1 (Hueber Verlag);
  • Horror Trip on the Pecos River by Paul Davenport, Teen Readers Level 2 (Aschehoug/Alinea);
  • Tim Burton's The Nightmare before Christmas retold by Coleen Degnan-Veness, Penguin Active Reading Level 2 (Pearson Longman)

A & A Intermediate:
  • Billy Elliot retold by Karen Holmes, Penguin Readers Level 3 (Pearson Longman);
  • River of Dreams by Philip Voysey, Hueber Lektüren Level 5 (Hueber Verlag);
  • Stories for Reading Circles retold by Margaret Naudi et al., Bookworms Club Gold Stages 3 & 4 (OUP)

A & A Advanced:
  • Body on the Rocks by Denise Kirby, Hueber Lektüren Level 6 (Hueber Verlag);
  • How's the Weather? Contributing writers: Colleen Sheils, John Chapman, Footprint Reading Library Upper Intermediate (Cengage);
  • Ripley's Game retold by Kathy Burke, Penguin Readers Level 5 (Pearson Longman)

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