Thursday, June 14, 2007

Accent quiz

Sorry I've been rather derelict. Things wrap up at school in a few more weeks.

In the mean time, here's an interesting quiz to mollify you. It pegged me as Canadian, though the difference between Canadian (as if there were only one Canadian accent!) and midland seems slight (perhaps just the /a/ in pasta.)

Personality Test Results


derrick said...

Well, I had come across the quiz before coming across your blog page. I was pegged as having a "Northern" American accent even though I have lived in Vancouver, BC for my entire life! Interesting.

Anonymous said...

yeah, it says i have a canadian accent. probly because i live in rural canada. i never realized that i did have a "canadian" accent until i was talkin to a guy from indianna. i do say "eh" ALOT and "aboot" when i'm talking fast. haha. I also say "fawk", and i enphasize the "sh" in sh#@.